Welcome To My Head 7
Guitar No. 7 of 7 in stalk now
9 String Nylon, Arch Top, Fan Fret - Partial Fretless, Midi Guitar
X20 Custom Baritone
Welcome To My Head 7
Guitar No. 7 of 7 in stalk now
 Here at Emerald Guitars we mix cutting edge materials and artistic creativity to stretch the boundaries of possibility! 


2014-12-12 23:46:23
We can't let the 12th of the 12th go by without talking about the Amicus 12.
Since we launched the Amicus 12 last year it has become one of our most popular guitars and all for very good reason.
2014-11-20 15:37:22
We have just discovered this great research that finally proves that being a guitar player will get you the girls or at least thats the findings of researchers from the university of South Brittany.
2014-10-17 12:43:48
This week we have selected the X7-OS as our guitar of the week and to mark that we are giving a 10% discount until midnight Sunday 19th of October.
To claim your discount just enter "X7-OSdiscount" in the checkout and your discount will be applied.
2014-10-06 19:32:13
This Week our featured guitar is the X20-OS and to celebrate we are giving a 10% discount
2013-10-29 23:18:39
I recently traveled to the Harp guitar Gathering in Connecticut and I thought it would be the perfect time to build another 9 string Fan fret to show our custom abilities.
2013-10-29 23:01:55
As I was officially presenting the Synergy in public for the first time at the Harp gathering I decided to build a very special version to show off the best of what we can offer.
2013-10-29 22:36:19
After hearing about the Harp Guitar gathering for the last few years, finally I decided it was time to find out what it was all about and present the Synergy to the gathering
2013-08-15 22:12:00
We have a small selection of guitars that we are offering in our end of summer clear out at highly reduced rates!
We don't have many of these and they don't sit long at these prices!
2013-05-18 23:51:35
I only have these 2 right now so it's first come first served!
2013-05-14 22:00:37
We are proud to introduce you 'Synergy', the first Carbon Fiber Harp Guitar
2013-03-30 02:39:24
#1 Ultra Guitar replica
I built the original Ultra Guitar for Steve Vai back in 2001 based on Steve's Ultra Zone album cover and finally after all these years Steve decided to take the guitar out on tour.
2013-03-28 19:24:41
#2 Archtop Cello Nylon string
The customer gave me a very simple brief: "I want a Nylon string guitar that looks like a Cello"...
2013-03-27 21:24:31
#3 Miotas Marble Bass
This pair's finish is virtually indistinguishable from real marble.
2013-03-26 01:59:23
#4 X20-OS 7 string Fan Fret Woody
I've been fascinated by the creative potential the extra low B offers and I feel this guitar is the culmination of everything I've learned to date.
2013-03-17 19:36:36
#5 X20-OS 12Strings
It's always exciting hear how a new guitar will sound but this one shocked me!
2013-03-16 19:23:53
#6 Chimaera Custom Guitars
I'm giving number 6 spot to all the Chimaera double necks. Two heads are better than One!!!
2013-03-15 19:23:40
#7 X5-OS Custom Nylon string
The customer wanted an X5-OS in Nylon string and left me an open brief for the styling.
2013-03-15 01:37:34
For 1 week we are offering a special 17% DISCOUNT on all of our guitars as long as it's Green!
2013-03-14 19:40:05
#8 XB 35-Woody fretless
This XB custom is pure Gold and yes, it sounds every bit as good as it looks.
2013-03-13 18:52:59
#9 X30-7 String Fan Fret
An awesome guitar full of features for an awesome guitar player.
2013-03-12 17:52:58
#10 T8 Woody Sunburst
We introduce the "Alistair's Top 10" with a very special Woody travel guitar.
2012-09-28 14:09:17
Last year I carved the first Miotas dragon bass, and this year to commemorate the Year of the Dragon, I decided to build a series of ten more. These are the first two from that series.
2012-09-16 13:09:47
Sometimes we have guitars with very minor blemishes, but they still sound and play perfectly. We are pleased to offer these to you at huge savings!
2012-08-28 16:38:57
We don't build a lot of Nylon string guitars but every now and then we get commissions, and it forces me to think a little differently.
2012-08-22 17:00:56
During my recent trip to Florida to see Steve Vai perform (with the Ultra Guitar I made for him!), I met his opening act Beverly McClellan. That night, she was performing onstage with an Emerald guitar!
2012-08-21 12:41:13
It's hard to believe it's been 11 years since I built the Ultra Guitar for Steve Vai, and finally last Wednesday in Florida it made its stage debut... and moved from being part of Steve's art collection to being part of his guitar collection.
2012-08-16 05:15:39
A couple of years ago I was asked to build a custom double neck guitar with 6 string guitar and 4 string bass and during the process of researching and designing that guitar my interest in all things double neck grew.
2012-08-15 16:00:32
Last year I was asked to build a Nylon string guitar for a Client who planned to take it on his yacht across the pacific.
2012-08-14 16:09:19
Steve Vai is using his Ultra guitar on his 2012-2013 "The Story of Light" tour! (Visit for tour info.) To celebrate this proud milestone for Emerald Guitars, we proudly announce a limited edition run of 100 Ultra guitars built to the same specs and standard as Steve Vai's Ultra guitar! Reserve yours with a deposit of $1000.
2012-08-14 15:59:39
]I called into the Harmony Hut to see Steve Vai a few months back and hanging there on the wall was the 7 string acoustic I made for him so I took the opportunity to take some pictures of it.