The art of guitar

In 2001 at Steve Vai/s Ultra Zone concert in Dublin I got the inspiration to bring the guitar from that Album cover to life. The next day I started work on the Ultrazone guitar. Little did I know how that would mould my future.

The Art of guitar is all about bringing dreams to life, some of them my dreams some of them dreams of those who commission me to bring their dreams to life. This is where anything is possible, there are no limitations only imagination.

These guitars I consider functional art. Function is very important because I want these to be played and not just hung on a wall. I want these guitars to inspire others in the way I was inspired to build them.

If you have an idea you want to bring to life then please contact me and take the first steps to making that idea a reality!

Breaking the mould

All our standard range of guitars are created in a mould to exact tolerances but we do not allow that to limit whats possible. We can take that standard guitar and modify post moulding to give many new possibilities.

Whether its simply a wider neck width or something as exotic as a 9 string fan fret guitar, we are here to meet that need. Our custom shop is happy to work with you to create the guitar that is right for you at a price that may be less than you think.

Contact us with your needs and we will work through the possibilities with you.