Chimaera double neck

2012-08-16 05:15:39

A couple of years ago I was asked to build a custom double neck guitar with 6 string guitar and 4 string bass and during the process of researching and designing that guitar my interest in all things double neck grew.

For most people a double neck acoustic is a truly exotic beast and this is down to their rarity, complexity, difficulty to play and ultimately their huge cost. The more I looked at this the more convinced I was that Carbon fibre was the ultimate material to build a bouble neck guitar from and that we could build something that could make the double neck much more accesible and even functional.

With the Chimaera we have taken a whole new approach to the design of a double neck and created a truly ground breaking instrument. Its beautiful sculpted form is created using our unique one piece casting technology that allows the entire guitar to be created in one piece, this makes the guitar incredibly light, strong and resonant. The carbon design means it can easily cope with the 18 strings pulling on it and we dont have to over brace it like many other double necks so the Chimaera can sing to its full potential.

The necks are hollow removing alot of top end weight and we use light weight tuners to create an incredibly balanced double neck and the stiffness of the carbon neck really excells on the 12 string making it much more stable and easy to keep in tune.

I believe carbon fibre answers many problems in guitar building but when it comes to high tension instruments like a double neck then Carbon truly excells.

The Chimaera is not on general release just yet as we are still fine tuning some details but we are already taking custom orders and have been creating some very interesting variations, We arent just tied to a 12 and 6 string combo.

Watch this space