Chasing the Solar eclipse

2015-03-21 12:08:22

With all the recent talk about the upcoming eclipse we decided we needed to do something special to capture the day so, Alan our Media manager put together a plan to record a music video at the top of mount Earrigal during the eclipse.
We had been planning this for weeks thinking about everything we needed and checking the weather forecast twice a day trying to get a glimmer of hope that the Irish weather would cooperate. It seemed like everything was going our way, we had the equipment we needed, pulled together a team of eight enthusiastic helpers and the weather had been fabulous for the past week. It all looked good.
4:30 am and the alarm went off, I rolled out of bed somewhat fuelled with anticipation for the event that lay ahead. I woke up my son Dylan and off we went to meet the rest.
Still in total darkness, we met in Letterkenny and drove to Earrigal as it started to get light. There was some low cloud cover but it looked like it would burn off and sure enough as we set off from the car park the clouds passed and we were given a complete view of the mountain.
We were now on our way to the highest most northerly point in Ireland where we would experience 93% totality and we had clear skies. It had all come together.
The climb was tough, especially for some of the less experienced mountain men among us but we all knew it would be worth it.
Half way up, some cloud started to roll over but we were still pretty confident we would get the epic view we needed. We reached the top and we were still in cloud but we were all still confident if would blow over and give us the view we had come for. We started to set up some equipment as the eclipse started but nobody could tell where exactly the sun even was in this thick, thick fog.
Simon was there keeping his hands warm ready to play and I had the guitar all ready to go but still no sign of the sun or any trace of the sky.
As it approached totality it was clear this wasn’t going to be our day so we gave up on the footage and just experienced the moment.
At 93% we knew it wasn’t going to get completely dark but for sure there was a very noticeable reduction in the light and the whole place had an ethereal feel. It went from dark to darker and cold to colder, definitely worth climbing the mountain to experience even if we didn’t get the footage we so desperately wanted.
So it didn’t work out this time and for sure we were all a little bit disappointed but thats what happens when your depending on the Irish weather.
It could have been amazing but it was still a great experience and I got to spend the morning with my son who was delighted to get a day off school.
Maybe we will have better luck next time.