Its the 12th of the 12th.... perfect day to celebrate the Amicus 12.

2014-12-12 23:46:23

We can’t let the 12th of the 12th go by without talking about the Amicus 12.
Since we launched the Amicus 12 last year it has become one of our most popular guitars and all for very good reason.
Amicus means Friend in latin and it got that name because everybody who plays it makes friends with it. Its a little instrument that just makes you smile.
Its perfectly balanced proportions and well designed neck make it a really comfortable and easy instrument to play while its recommended tuning of D standard gives the guitar player a whole new sound without having to go to the hassle of learning new chord shapes, its just like playing with a capo on the 10th fret except the instrument has been optimised for that scale and tuning. It can also be tuned to E, a full octave above standard with the use of a slightly lighter gauge of strings.
And then there is the voice that this little one sings with, Its a loud instrument in fact I would go so far as to say its very loud but its also very refined. It gives that higher Mandolin sound but as its a 12 string and lower tuned its fuller with much more dynamic range.
There are so many options on how to play the Amicus 12 from strumming to fingerpicking but the fun is in exploring its potential and finding a whole new realm of creative possibilities.
We just completed this beautiful pair of custom Amicus, one with Master grade quilted maple veneer over carbon and the other with exquisite Camphor burl.
both are in stock and ready to ship priced at €1955 for those within the EU or $2159USD for the rest of the world. Prices include world wide shipping.
Email for more info or to reserve one of these beauties.

We will soon be recording a series of demo videos featuring the Amicus 12 but in the mean time here is a great little tune by Simon McCafferty

Overall length 810mm or 32 ”
Max body width 310mm or 12 ”
Max body depth 75mm or 3”
Max body length 390mm or 15 ½ ”
Scale length 460mm or 18”
Nut width 48.5mm or 1.9”
Bridge spacing 60mm or 2 3/8 ”
Tuning D,G,C,F,A,D
String Gauges .009, .011, .015, .020, .029, .042